With any business, organization is very important. When you set up a bounce house rental business, although it is a relatively simple business model, you still need to be organized. Here we go over the simple steps to get you organized.Visit them at bounce house rental to get additional information.

Policies and Procedures

The first thing that you will want to establish is a set of policies. Policies keep you away from troublesome situations and set the tome for solid business practices.

The first policy should be setting a price that you will require for a deposit. You will always want your client to put a deposit down to reserve the inflatables. Without a deposit, you have no guarantee that the client will follow through with the rental agreement.

Think about what you are going to establish as a policy when it comes to bad weather or cancellations. Check out your competition to see how they address these issues. This information can also be available to you online so do some research and go with policies that you feel are fair.

You will want to have your policies written in a document. You should include them in your rental agreement. Once a client has signed the agreement, the policies are inferable.

Organize Your Office Space

If you are going to run your office out of your home, then you will want to find a quite place and have it well organized. Al large wall calendar or a day timer will be essential in organizing your reservations.

Having a simple file on every client will go a long way in keeping deposits and payment made well organized. You client files can also hold important information about their children’s birthdays, what kind of equipment they have rented in the past ECT.

You should keep these files on hand at least 2 years in the event of any insurance claims or tax issues. It is best to set them up by year, and by month for ease with access.


You will require a cell phone for those delivery days, but if you are going to use your home phone in the office then you may want to look at getting a service that has a special ring when it is a business call. Always keep your voice messaging system in working order and the message in keeping with your branding.


You will want to have a bank account just for your bounce house business. You will give your company credibility and you will be able to keep yourself very organized when it is time to figure out your taxes.

Simple business accounting software will want to be used. They will save you time and keep you organized. You will want to make sure that you become disciplined in entering all of your expenses and payments. Keep on top of it so it does not be come a chore. This type of organization will help to keep your bounce house rental business healthy.


You will find that your state may require you to pay monthly or quarterly taxes. Check with your state’s Department of Revenue to see what your state requires of you. Most states do have free workshops that can help you.

Operating a bounce house rental business is a lot of fun and the office details are simple. Do what you can to stay organized and you will be successful.

Robin Buckley is an entrepreneur. She has partnered with Christine Hiebel, a passionate parent. Together they offer healthy, safe and active outdoor toys for kids, with their residential bounce house and water slide inflatables. They also offer parents guidance for starting a home-based business with the inflatable bounce house products.

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