An estate-planning lawyer is a specialized type of attorney who knows how to advise clients on having their estates in place to secure the possibility of eventual death and financial disability. They usually have many years of experience, ongoing legal education, and good mentoring. Estate planning lawyers usually handle cases of all kinds including wills, inheritance, donor restrictions, trusts, and much more. Estate planning lawyers will also handle other types of attorney clients, including complex litigation support, probate, and more.Checkout Chandler Estate Planning Lawyer for more info.

An estate planning lawyer will also be familiar with state laws that may apply to you. For example, if you live in a state that has a testatorary statute, the law will require that your final will be executed in the state where your last living relatives are located. Additionally, he/she may provide information regarding the minor children that you have as well as information regarding your estate. He will know how to handle any probate issues that arise, including preparing the sample will and making sure it complies with every state’s statutes.

You should find an estate planning lawyer to help you deal with your money, including retirement and estate taxes, and estate management issues. This type of attorney should also be familiar with how estate taxes affect your beneficiaries and any type of trust you use. He/she should also have experience dealing with the various state tax codes. If you are not familiar with the laws, he/she may be able to give you advice concerning these matters or even represent you in court if necessary. If you have any questions regarding your estate, the lawyer can provide information and assistance regarding wills, trusts, or other estate planning issues.


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