Hear What People are Saying about Weddings by Kayln


Anne, November 2015

We can't say enough wonderful things about Kayln. We live in Alabama and Kayln was able to help us plan our wedding from afar. I could go on and on about the things Kayln and Lindsey did that made my day so relaxing. Lindsey helped me through the rehearsal and ceremony while Kayln was the mastermind behind my reception. Kayln recommended all of my wedding vendors and they were all super! I was able to come into town and enjoy my wedding without having to worry about anything other than myself! I would highly recommend weddings by Kayln to anyone who wants to be able to actually enjoy their wedding day. Thank you so much, Kayln and Lindsey!

Allison, November 2015

I hired weddings by Kayln for day of coordination. BUT she went above and beyond my expectations! I had planned to do my own wedding flowers. The night of my rehearsal I realized that I was out of time and hadn't even began them. I called Kayln hoping she could help. She did more than that! She came and got the flowers and supplies from me and created the most beautiful centerpieces! These were better looking than I had imagined. Her assistant Hannah, was a huge help the day of the wedding to. She made sure we were on target and happy with everything. I seriously don't know what I would have done without them. I was unsure about hiring a planner but now, I know that if I wouldn't have, things would have been a disaster! Thank you so much!

Caitlin, October 2015

We hired Kayln to help plan our wedding. It's hard to know where to start. Kayln and her associates, Lindsey and Tara, are just incredible. Everything leading up the wedding was fantastic. Kayln and her team communicated with our vendors and friends that provided music, the cake, etc., handling every behind the scene detail with professionalism. She kept us motivated with helpful checklists and check-ins. On the day of, we faced the possibility of rain and Kayln made on-the-go adjustments with grace. By the time we arrived on site, everything looked beautiful, even better, than we had planned. Afterwards, my husband and I reflected on how stress free and positive the day was with Kayln and her team at our side. We focused on celebrating with our family and friends and once the day arrived, we didn't once worry about the details. It was the perfect day and Weddings by Kayln played an important role in it.

Katie, October 2015

My review of Weddings by Kayln is long overdue! Soon after becoming engaged I knew I wanted to hire a coordinator to help pull off our amazing day...after a little internet research and asking a few friends for recommendations; I found Weddings by Kayln. From my first meeting with Kayln, I knew she was the best person for helping us create a memorable day! She is detail oriented, organized, creative, knows the industry and is very professional. I had very solid ideas and hopes for what the day would look like and feel like. Kayln and her team did an amazing job of listening to those ideas, making suggestions, recommending vendors, answering countless emails, working with an array of vendors and overall being really awesome to work with and making the day more beautiful and seamless than we ever could have hoped for! WBK provides top notch, professional service and ideas and truly delivers and makes your wedding day one you will never forget! Thank you so much Kayln for being a HUGE part of why our day was so special!

Emily, May 2015

Kayln was awesome to work with and our wedding turned out gorgeous! She was great at helping us find vendors - she pretty much paid for herself with the cost savings we found through her vendor referrals. She also helped us stay on a timeline and offered great advice on every detail! Our wedding day went off without a hitch. Everything went smoothly and she and her staff decorated the ceremony & reception beautifully! They all went out of their way to make sure our day was extremely special and made sure that neither us, nor our families, had to lift a finger or worry about anything - just have a good time! Such a load off our backs! You cant go wrong hiring her. We are so happy that we had her for our wedding!!

Leslie, March 2015

I decided in the very beginning that I would want a day-of-planner for our wedding. The thought of worrying if vendors were showing up at the reception, etc. on the day of the wedding just seemed like too much! Up to closer to the wedding, there wasn't too much communication required between me and Kayln/her staff. I would send over contracts as they were signed for them to look over and so that they had all vendor information, etc. As we got a few weeks out, communication definitely picked up, and I felt good about going into the wedding day as we got closer. Although they won't admit it, I'm sure there were some hurdles that day, but how amazing was it to not have to worry about anything?! Thank you Kayln!

Clarissa, March 2015

Kayln was amazing!! Her whole team was!! We had a wonderful wedding day! There were minor hiccups with the caterer and the wedding favors but I almost didn't notice because things were running so smoothly!! Simply the best planner and I will definitely use her again for any vow renewal/ anniversary party!!! So organized!!

Molly, March 2015

Thank goodness for Weddings By Kayln! I was on the fence about a planner and I can't tell you how many times I was so relieved that I decided to get one... And that it was Kayln. Due to her experience and connections, she made the entire process so much easier. She's flexible to work with and let me design my own package based on what I needed help with and what fit in our budget. She was easy to communicate with via email or text during the planning process. She was a life saver on the day of. She took care of everything which made me feel so relaxed and able to really stop and savor the day. I really can't imagine what I would have done without her. Without her help, I would have been so stressed and too busy to enjoy myself. She took care of organizing all of the vendors, the schedule for the day, the order of the ceremony, setting everything up, taking everything down, taking items that we brought in to her home until we could get them, answering a million questions from many different people... and she did all of this with a smile on her face! She was so wonderful and I'll always be grateful. I highly recommend her.

Jennifer, October 2014

I used Weddings by Kayln and it was probably one of the best wedding-related decisions I made! To be honest.. I was skeptical about booking a wedding planner at first, but my mom insisted. I'm a very organized person.. I like doing my own budgets, keeping up with my own schedule/calendar, doing my own research, etc - but boy I'm really glad I listened to my mom on this one :) 

I worked closely with both Kayln and Lindsey throughout the process, and they are fantastic! Not just fantastic at what they do, but fantastic people as well - I always felt like I was in good hands, and I trusted their advice. I worked with them from the very beginning of the planning process in December, all the way through the end of my wedding night in October (and even a few emails the next morning!). They have lists of their recommended and reliable vendors, so you don't have to sort through 2000 (literally!) photographers, videographers, hair/makeup people, etc. That alone was worth the cost! They accompanied me to the meetings/food tastings/etc. and took notes & helped remind me to ask the important questions. They thought of things I never would have, and definitely kept me from getting myself in a bind! They also helped with contract review, keeping track of payments and when balances were due, they responded to all my emails in a timely manner (and I sent a lot of emails!), they put together an itinerary for the wedding weekend, made sure we were all in the right place at the right time, and even confirmed all the vendors ahead of time. They led our ceremony rehearsal, set up & cleaned up the ceremony and reception spaces, and made it so that I didn't have any responsibilities on the wedding day other than to show up and have fun!! I would recommend Weddings by Kayln to anyone in a heartbeat!

Kelly, September 2014

I knew Kayln was the right choice for me when she asked me, "Do you want to be the one on your wedding day getting the champagne on ice or be the one drinking it?” Her point was simple, yes I could do many of these things, but would I rather relax knowing a professional was taking care of it and be able to enjoy my big day. I was able to fully appreciate and enjoy every single part of my wedding day without any worries or concerns. Even more important, so could my parents! Kayln provides a lot of great ideas, will give you her honest feedback, and always tries to find ways to save money without hurting the overall image you want to achieve. I was a destination bride so having someone I trusted knew my vision was extra important. Kayln did that and so much more. I would highly recommend her to any bride wanting to get married in the Nashville area!!

Erica, August 2014

Kayln is a superhero! Her and her team were a wonderful asset to have through the entire planning process, and I couldn't have been more thankful for having them there to help! On the wedding day Kayln made sure everything went smoothly and on time. If I had one recommendation for any couple planning a wedding, it would be to hire Kayln. She's worth every penny!

Teresa, August 2014

A wonderful wedding experience by Kayln and her staff!! So very thankful for their organizational and professional manner in handling all vendors and keeping us informed on each and every detail. Budget was strictly followed and appreciated. Would definitely recommend them to everyone. Thank you Kayln and staff!!!!!! -Mother of The Bride

Jessica, August 2014

On August 16, 2014, I married my prince charming at a beautiful TN wedding venue, the Loveless Barn. With the help of Weddings By Kayln, my wedding day will remain one of the most special days of my life. Kayln Stephens and her professional, well developed team members, brought to life my dreamy, country wedding in a way I could have never imagined. From floral arrangements to placement of decorative pieces, Kayln and her team added every little special touch I requested and made our wedding day unfathomably meaningful to my husband and I, as well as our families. 

Marrying in August, in TN, will always be a gamble, a hot, potentially rainy, gamble; however, my wedding was nothing short of magical. Kayln and her helpful team brought to life the fairy tale wedding I had always dreamed of having but did not know was possible until meeting her. My husband and I, as well as our families, had great comfort in knowing the wedding was in very capable and creative hands. With the majority of guests, family included, being from MS and IN, the wedding was basically a destination wedding for everyone except my husband and I. Weddings by Kayln took the stress, uncertainty, and fear involved in pulling off a seamless wedding and allowing us and our families to enjoy a magical day. From delivering, setting up, and cleaning up decor at the venue, to creating stunning flower arrangements, Kayln and her team handled the day with unmatched confidence and professionalism. 

As a bride, I took such comfort in knowing that Kayln would create a memorable and perfect day for my husband and I, as well as our families. From the first time meeting with Kayln, and every subsequent meeting to follow, I felt such a peace about her capabilities and knew she would create the wedding just as I had always imagined it. I never imagined a wedding planning experience could be so easy and stress-free, but with Weddings by Kayln, you are sure to receive just that! A magical, seamless wedding day full of love, laughter, and memories. Kayln Stephens and her team will forever hold a special place in my heart and will be recommended by this bride for years to come! Thank you Kayln and staff! 

-Jessica Princell, one happy bride :)

Amanda, August 2014

Kayln was a great resource for finding vendors within our price range and helping us create the most perfect day possible!

Katherine, June 2014

So I am very much a hands on person and wanted to plan my wedding myself. However, I was only a little ways into the planning process and I realized I was in way over my head. Thats when I found Weddings by Kayln! I can not tell you in words how happy I am that I decided to hire her. Her and her team are sooooo awesome! Friendly, professional and responsive. I never for one second doubted that my wedding was going to be perfect. I'm still in shock at exactly how much these girls do during the planning process and on the wedding day! I literally had to do NOTHING on my wedding day except for show up and relax! Thank you so much Weddings by Kayln for coming to my rescue and making my day totally perfect!

Jennifer, June 2014

I first heard about Weddings by Kayln through an email from theknot.com. I remember seeing "having a wedding coordinator can actually SAVE you money!" 
I was already stressing out about the wedding and thought it would be a good idea to at least meet with Kayln to see what having a coordinator actually entailed. She won me over immediately with her organization and positivity. Her motto is "Relax, enjoy your wedding. We've got this!" That was evident from the get go! 
Kayln saved us money through her connections and wisdom. If money is a factor for you (it was a HUGE factor for us as we paid every penny ourselves!), hiring her will save you money and will give you a peace of mind.
Kayln never pushed me to do anything, only supported my ideas and helped me see them come to fruition. She was always an email or phone call away and I never felt like I was inconveniencing her. She was always ready and willing to listen and support me!
I cannot imagine planning our wedding myself. I'm not sure if any other brides experience this, but about a month before our wedding, I went totally brain dead. I felt like I couldn't think anymore, couldn't make anymore decisions, and Kayln and her staff stepped right in to help me get it together! I felt secure, confident, and calm during the wedding day. I honestly don't know how people plan it on their own. Your wedding day goes by so fast! It really does! You need to spend all the time you can with your loved ones and new spouse, not worrying about lighting, food, flow of the ceremony, etc... 
If you're reading this and are engaged, first of all, congrats, and secondly, don't think twice about contacting her. Do it now. Seriously, right now. It will be the best decision you made other than saying "yes".

Happy wedding!

Donna, June 2014

Weddings by Kayln relieved stress and concern over all the details. Everything was taken care of and beautifully choreographed. She was the breath of fresh air during my daughters wedding in June, 2014. Helped keep us on budget, available for all questions and concerns at a drop of a hat. 

Enjoyed working with her and value her as a life long friend now.

Jane, May 2014

I hired weddings by Kayln to coordinate my wedding ceremony and reception. I thought Kayln did a great job helping us coordinate all the details in the months leading up to the wedding. She knows everything there is to know about vendor choices, logistics the day of and helping you remember all those small details. She will be as involved as you need her to be. I was a little more do it yourself and she never pushed her opinions on me, just facilitated when I asked for help which is something I really appreciated. I think her and her team did an amazing job on the day of the wedding. I didn't have to worry about a thing because she worked with us so closely in the months prior that she had a clear vision of what we wanted. You won't regret your decision to hire Weddings by Kayln!

Katie, May 2014

Kayln and her team did a great job with my wedding. Lindsey, one of her employees, met with me several times before my wedding and was extremely helpful with getting things together. The day of the wedding there was a little set back with the bouquets, but Kayln didn't skip a beat. She and her team handled the situation flawlessly, and the wedding and reception were both amazing. They all are very good at what they do.


Kelsey, May 2014

We hired Kayln a month before the wedding when it was becoming impossible to handle all the details when none of us lived in Nashville. She handled every single detail and gave me such peace of mind for the entire wedding weekend.
Kayln is a true professional and worth every penny of her very reasonable price.

Lindsey, October 2013

I am so happy I hired Kayln to be my wedding planner. We worked together for a year and I felt like I was in the best hands. She handles so many aspects of my wedding and made it everything I wanted it to be. Kayln was extremely flexible with my schedule (which is crazy) which was one of the most important things to me. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Cathy, September 2013

Kayln gave us so much reassurance in knowing that everything was taken care of throughout the planning process and on our wedding day. It was priceless to know that someone who proved to be experienced, understanding, organized, professional, and calm was there to guide us in our wedding decisions and on the big day. I did not know much at all about what goes into wedding planning or etiquette and never had one doubt that she would fill me in and take charge when needed! She also made sure that I was enjoying and happy with the smallest details of the wedding. Her communication is wonderful- she always got back to me quickly when I needed her and made me feel comfortable about asking her anything at all. We cannot thank Kayln and her team enough for helping to make our wedding day even better then we could have possibly imagined, dreamed of, or "pinterested"! Most importantly, she reminded me to enjoy every moment of the wedding day and calmed me down in a way that no family member or even friend could have done. I cannot say enough positive things about her and how thankful I am that she was our wedding planner- she truly is the best!!

Scarlett, July 2013

If Kayln did not help me out, I would not have had a wedding. I know this for a fact. While trying to plan my wedding--I got a big promotion at work, my husband lived in New York, I lived in Atlanta and the wedding was in Nashville, we were also trying to sell our Atlanta home. I needed help. Kayln went above and beyond. She is a perfectionist, so everything was so beautiful.

Some of the highlights:


Kayln will be the best decision you make on your wedding day. I literally just showed up to my wedding, and she made it all happen.

Khloe, July 2013

Kayln was amazing from the moment I met her until after my wedding! She is attentive and listens to details very closely. I had many ideas and she brought them to life better than I could have imagined. Kayln has an eye for decoration and design for the ceremony and reception venues. I could call or email her at any time and she has a great way of calming a nervous bride and taking care of whatever is needed. Kayln took care of EVERYTHING at the reception venue on the day of the wedding while I got ready at my church. She picked up wine/beer, met ALL vendors at the reception that morning, decorated, delivered flowers to the wedding party at the church, packed our overnight bags into the car, cleaned up after we left, packed the extra wine and vases/lanterns we used for centerpieces and made a delivery to my mom the week after the wedding for things we left behind. We were greeted with a fruit/ cheese platter and drink of choice in the bridal suite before the grand entrance. I recommend Weddings by Kayln to anyone wanting a flawless event... I could not have had my dream wedding without her. She is professional, trustworthy, and so sweet!

Faith, June 2013

When I first decided to hire a planner I found Kayln's website through a Google search. We first hired Kayln to help out with finding a venue because we were both too busy with work to get much done. She spent a lot of time looking for places with us and gave some very good suggestions and wasn't afraid of our out of the box vision. We had a lot of family drama that she was able to help with, even though my parents didn't really understand what her job was until the day of the wedding. I would have to say "that Kayln's job" which meant "don't worry about it, Kayln has it under control", and she did. I wasn't too worried about many things before the wedding because I knew she would and could take care of everything. I knew about some design elements but I was surprised by a lot too! On the day of the wedding I did not have to lift a finger. I sat up in the hotel with my friends and family and didn't have to worry one bit about food, decorations or guests. The ceremony and reception went very smoothly. The best compliment I got was that my wedding was very me. This meant that Kayln truly understood me and knew how to portray that in her design. She took care of my family and my husband's family during the reception and even had a few surprises for us back at the hotel. Kayln was very quick to respond to texts, calls and emails. She was also flexible with meeting with us and very understanding. I have attended two weddings since my own wedding where many guests and even the bride were working on the wedding day to make sure things were done. I am SO very happy that we decided to get a planner so that none of our guests had to work and they were able to just enjoy the day.

Amanda, June 2013

Kayln was absolutely amazing. She was a counsellor, planner, coordinator, and friend all rolled into one. I purchased her Day-of-Coordinator services, (which was a great price) but she was there for me via email and phone for every step of the way to offer recommendations, input, and calming words. EVERYONE who has mentioned the wedding thus far has complimented Kayln on her professionalism, and overall friendly demeanor. The day went by so fast, and I spent most of it floating on air, so I'm glad I had Kayln and her team there to help my husband (!) and I figure out what, when, where, who, and how. At first I didn't think we would need a coordinator, and now I can't imagine our wedding without Kayln.

Michelle, June 2013

Kayln was my wedding planner for my wedding on June 1, 2013. She ROCKED. After my very first phone conversation with Kayln, I knew that she was the kind of person I could trust with my wedding. Her depth of knowledge regarding wedding etiquette, timelines, vendors, decor, and style is impressive. She immediately put everyone at ease, including the groom and my parents, by demonstrating her quick thinking and ability to gracefully resolve problems. Every time I mentioned an idea, she found a creative way to bring it to life and shine within my budget. Kayln took my ideas and turned them into something concrete and fabulous. She helped us create a gorgeous and unique wedding that really reflected our style. Knowing that Kayln was actively managing every changing detail of the event, I was able to relax and focus on the experience and my family and friends. This was true in the weeks leading up to the wedding as well as on the day of. Her warm, positive personality makes her a treat to work with. I can't thank Kayln enough!

Amber, May 2013

We hired Kayln late in our planning process. She kept me calm when I got stressed or worried. If something went wrong she was there to fix the problem without me knowing. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and went off without a hitch all thanks to Kayln!!! If we had to do it all over again we would hire Kayln again!!! If you're looking for a wedding planner look no further!!!

Hannah, May 2013

The best thing that ever happened to us (besides finding each other) was finding Kayln and Weddings by Kayln. From the very beginning, Kayln listened. And we felt immediately that we were in very good hands. Well, that's an understatement. She took every photo, description, discussion and dream that we had for our wedding -- and executed it masterfully. She is calm, smart and creative AND was respectful of our budget. I could go on and on and on... Instead, I'll just say: no matter where your event is -- if you have the opportunity/option to work with Kayln, please take it! She was truly a blessing for us. BEST.DAY.EVER.

Marianne, May 2013

Kayln was the best vendor we had for our wedding. We used her for a "month of planner", but she did so much even before that. When we needed any advice, Kayln helped. Kayln went to see our ceremony and reception venue a couple months before the wedding so she knew 100% what to expect. She also met with us several times to help with planning and details and responded to emails and phone calls immediately. On the wedding day, I don't know what we would have done without Kayln there. We had a couple of "minor" issues, and she got us through each one with a smile on her face. On top of the outstanding quality of her service, it also came at a great price. I would HIGHLY recommend Weddings By Kayln to any bride who wants a wonderful planner!!!

Lydia, May 2013

After a few months of wedding planning on my own with my maid of honor and fiancé, I found that I definitely needed a wedding/event planner to help with our big day. I had already spoken with a few other people who just didn't seem to click with my fiancé and I. I happened to stumble upon Weddings by Kayln. I checked out what she had to offer and decided to meet with Kayln. Our first meeting, right off the bat, my fiancé and I felt so comfortable and at ease to work with Kayln. She was very organized, detail oriented, professional, friendly and always there to ensure everything is going right on schedule/plan, and if it doesn't, she will make sure things work out fine. I dunno how or what I would have done without this wonderful lady by our side. I highly recommend her for any event planning. We would definitely use her in the future for any of our big events. THANK YOU for helping out on our big day.

Emma, May 2013

If you are looking for a wedding planner who listens to your ideas, responds quickly, provides a variety of suggestions and makes you feel like her only client, Kayln with Weddings by Kayln is an excellent choice. From everything to budget planning to the precise coordination of the wedding day, Kayln was professional and showed a commitment to making my special day perfect. She has a network of vendor relationships to provide her clients with service choices at a variety of price points. Kayln provided quick response to my many inquiries and accommodated my busy schedule by being flexible with her own. I highly recommend Weddings by Kayln.

Jana, April 2013

The best decision I ever made during the course of planning our wedding was to hire Weddings by Kayln. Shortly after I became engaged, I relocated 600 miles from my hometown of Nashville to be closer to my fiancé. While this could be a little nerve wracking for any bride, Kayln kept me organized, relaxed, and on top of things. She is talented, creative and made all of my hopes and dreams for my wedding come to life while still helping me make responsible choices regarding our budget. She was involved in every aspect of planning, from negotiating vendor contracts to helping me choose the perfect dress. On the day of the wedding, she greeted me bright and early in my suite to make sure I was as relaxed as possible for my big day and she made sure the night went smoothly and that I was able to enjoy every minute - from bringing me my sandals when my feet were tired from dancing to making sure that I always had a drink in my hand. I didn't have to worry about any of the business that comes along with wedding planning on my wedding day and I was able to relax and know that everything would be perfect at the reception. All weddings have hiccups and little things that go wrong during the day - but if you hire Weddings by Kayln, you won't know it. At least not until you get back from your honeymoon and have time to chat and debrief! And that feeling is priceless!

Cindy, August 2012

Kayln is a wonderful investment! She eliminated all the stress of my wedding day and made sure all the details were taken care of. I chose Kayln over several other potential planners and am glad I did. She offered me competitive pricing and went the extra mile to make me feel special. Kayln was always there to answer any of my questions and kept in constant contact with me. If you want someone who knows what she's doing and cares about what she does, choose her. I'm so glad I did!

Katie, June 2012

Ever since I was little, just like every girl, I have dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. We hired Kayln for our June 2010 wedding after my husband and I met with her in person. I knew right away that I wanted Kayln to be my planner. She is wonderful! She executed my vision and we truly had our fairy tale wedding. She was like a family member by the time the wedding rolled around because she was with us every step of the way. She went above and beyond what we expected and paid attention to even the tiniest detail. At times, this would get stressful, but someone had to do it! I was completely relaxed the day of the wedding and throughout the entire process! It went by way too fast!

Hailey, April 2012

We hired Kayln for the day of the wedding and I cannot imagine how we would have done it without her! She was so helpful throughout the entire process especially getting our time line together and making sure all of the vendors knew what time to be there and what the plan for the day was. She is soooo sweet and caring and truly loves what she does which made us feel comfortable and trust her completely. The wedding went off without a hitch! I would recommend Kayln to ANYONE she is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING :)

Cindy, December 2011

Kayln was the best thing we did for our wedding. From the very start she was so nice to us and always positive and calm. Even though we only hired her as our day-of coordinator, she met with us multiple times throughout the wedding planning process and helped with whatever we needed. She gave suggestions for vendors, helped make contact with vendors, created a flawless timeline, and ran everything on the day of our wedding. We couldn't have done it without her!! She is the best!! 

Amber, October 2011

Words cannot express how amazing Kayln is, but I will try my very best. She was our wedding planner for our wedding on October 22, 2011. Kayln provides exceptional service to her brides/couples without a doubt. She is passionate, kind, creative, helpful, professional and overall exquisite. She gets the highest rating that I can give her because she simply is the best at what she does. Kayln meets every brides/couples needs. If you have a question, she answers immediately. She is professional in every sense of the word. She responds to any contact very quickly and her phone calls are very constructive. Her experience shows when she takes the lead in coordinating. After meeting her the first time, we never had any doubts about her. What an amazing woman she is. She took the 'bad cop' out of our wedding planning for us. Instead of us having to deal with bickering family and chaotic times, we got to relax and breathe during very stressful times. She stressed that it was OUR wedding not our family's or friends. She understood that we wanted to take care of our guests, but not let them intrude on the planning. Everything that we asked of her, she took care of. She worked well with the vendors, and we trusted her 110% with our wedding. She made sure all of the little problems were solved and my groom and I never had to deal with vendors or coordinating whatsoever. Our wedding was perfection thanks to her. I couldn't imagine our wedding without Kayln being a part of it. I have to say that we were a bit hesitant about hiring a wedding planner, in fact the groom and my mother were not too sure about it. Kayln showed both my groom and my mother how much responsibility a wedding planner takes off of the bride and groom. My mother and husband now praise her for her work and how amazing she was on our wedding day. We will be recommending Kayln for years and years to come. Thank you Kayln from the bottom of my heart. We are so very blessed and honored to have had you as our wedding planner! 

Ashley, September 2011

Kayln was a truly amazing person. My husband and I were truly grateful for how wonderful Kayln’s help was to us. We hired Kayln for just the day of but, she helped us the whole entire process and always kept both of us on track. Kayln worked amazingly well with all of my vendors and all of my family and friends that were involved in the wedding. I work all the time, as does my husband and we both have long hours. She was so patient, understanding and was willing to talk and work with us when it was convenient for us. If you are looking for a patient, organized and insanely detailed oriented wedding planner, Kayln is your girl!

Jennifer, May 2011 

I cannot praise Kayln enough. She was a lifesaver when it came to all the details of my wedding. She helped everything go super smoothly. I could not have done it without her! She is super sweet and super detail oriented- which really helps out in the weeks leading up to the big day!