A probate lawyer is one of the most helpful professionals to have on hand when you are dealing with legal matters regarding a person’s estate, will or living trust. In short, when a person dies, his or her estate (which includes all assets, monetary and otherwise) is to be frozen. This usually lasts for a year unless there is a specific, binding requirement otherwise. During that time, creditors and others can come forward to place a claim on the estate. Even with a will, the process of going through court to settle the estate is long and difficult. Having a professional with specialized experience in this area is incredibly helpful.Visit Chandler Probate Attorney for more details.

Estate Litigation Situations

One of the main benefits of using a probate lawyer has to do with estate litigation. In short, creditors, heirs, tax collectors and many others may try to place a claim on the estate. In fact, it is quite common for people to try and make a claim against an estate even if they have had no contact with the individual for years. With an attorney on your side, you can make sure that only the right individuals are able to place claims against your loved one’s property.

Contesting Wills

Another instance in which these lawyers are helpful is in situations of contested wills. Wills must be drawn up very specifically. Without proper attention, it is very possible for someone to make a claim or contest a will. The interpretation of some can be complex. With the aid of an attorney, you can minimize the risks you face regarding these documents and ensure the individual’s actual wishes are carried out the way he or she wanted them to be carried out.

Situations Involving Children

Another instance in which having an attorney available is situations involving children and other dependents. This includes any legal wards of the individual who died. These are some of the most intense disputes especially if the deceased did not leave clear directions. Deciding where minors and other dependents will live and how finances will be spent on behalf of those individuals is best left to those closest to the family rather than the courts. Protecting the rights of those individuals is something a lawyer can help with in situations like this.

Managing Other Concerns

There may be issues that come up during court proceedings. It is possible that individuals will not agree on the terms of the will or perhaps the executor of the estate has questions he or she needs help with answering.

By having a probate lawyer on hand, these concerns are taken care of with the best intentions of the individual that has died. Without this professional, the decisions are left up to the court without anyone providing guidance.

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