From the cool desert plains of the Southwest to the snow-packed, evergreen forests of the Northeast, HVAC technicians ensure comfort at every indoor facility, office and trade show. From boilers to furnaces, ductwork to filters, air ducts to heating coils, HVAC technicians to design, install, repair and maintain heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in commercial and residential buildings. The knowledge and skills acquired by HVAC technicians can help reduce utility bills and shorten maintenance cycles, while increasing comfort and safety.Browse this site listing about Commerce City hvac techs.

Many HVAC technicians receive their training through trade association accreditation courses or on the job training. A Certified HVAC Specialist (CHS) certification is one of the most respected certifications in the industry. It must be renewed periodically and must be re-certified every two years, depending on the length of time the techs work in HVAC. A CHS certification proves a tech has a thorough understanding of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems and equipment. Along with specialized training and on the job certifications, most CHS certifications require passing an examination administered by HVAC industry experts.

Besides the many certifications offered by various professional organizations, some specialists are certified in state or federal government agencies. Some other certifications issued by governmental associations are Registered Technician (RT), Commercial HVAC Contractor (CHC), and Certified HVAC Specialist (CHS). To become certified as an HVAC technician, potential candidates should meet basic technical requirements such as completion of high school. They also need to pass a background examination and complete a test covering various areas of knowledge in HVAC technology.

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