The Protective Order or a Restraining Order, which directs the abuser to keep a distance from the victim, is the major remedy available in the law for such behaviour. The restraining order may order the abuser to stay away from the room, home or workplace of the victim, and it may go to a greater extent to order a separation and assign the abuser some distance to maintain, say 100 feet or 1 km, etc. If the abuser is found to be violating this order, he/she can be charged with trespass, which in itself is a criminal offence.Have a look at Hempstead Domestic Violence Attorney for more info on this.

In addition, if the victim has been beaten by the abuser, he/she may be charged with greater offences such as assault or battery. In such circumstances, the question you might want to ask is whether the protective or restrictive order is beneficial. In many situations, these orders are very helpful because they allow the abuser to be arrested and even sentenced, so they act as a deterrent to the abuser and the mere thought of being arrested or sent to prison prevents them from taking such actions in the future. In certain cases, however, these orders could add to the fury and fail to prevent the abuser from doing so. In such cases, the abuser increases the violence in order to take revenge instead of trying to change his/her own behaviour. Even in such cases, the law can provide some security, but it is not a perfect guarantee that the abuser will stop acting in that way. A domestic violence lawyer is someone who is called upon to assist with a case involving violence against women or children. If there are any, cases against women rarely occur, and one can say that these issues are usually a man against a woman, particularly between those within a relationship. The relationship may be that of a married couple, a separated or divorced couple, with or without a commitment, and even with those who are in a relationship.


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