Many people, including individuals with special needs, are affected by dental problems such as toothaches, cold sores, abscesses and tooth decay. A branch of dentistry that deals with oral problems of individuals requiring special care, including those with intellectual disabilities, as well as those with other medical, physical or sensory, emotional, social or psychological problems, is also known as special care dentistry.Have a look at Linwood special needs dentist for more info on this.

After the achievement of their dental degree and some experience in dental care, a person wishing to practise special needs dentistry needs an additional three years of postgraduate training. This will earn them board certification and fellowship from the relevant special care dentistry authorities, such as the Special Care Dentistry American Board. In various fields and other courses for dental nurses, hygienists and therapists, specialist treatment is being introduced to allow them to cater to these individuals with special needs. Both in private practise and in government health services, specialists in special needs dentistry can work.

There is a diversity of patients with special needs who require the services of a dentist with special needs and can be found in homes, hospitals or secure units, residential or nursing homes. They need special oral care, as it can be directly affected by their disability or other characteristics in their medical history or by social, environmental or cultural contexts.

Although it is one of the latest developments in dentistry, more research and projects have been established to further enhance it. An interdisciplinary approach to the management of the oral health of individuals with special needs is being investigated. Most of the special needs dentists’ services can now be found by contacting local health care providers or receiving referrals from dental practitioners. Usually, these referrals have criteria indicating the type of patient to be accepted.


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