Trauma therapy is an effective intervention to overcoming the negative consequences, mainly emotional, of trauma in patients with disorders like post traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, clinical depression and schizophrenia. The therapy aims at restoring equanimity and homeostasis by assisting the patient to work through the emotional, mental and physical after effects of a trauma by enabling him/her to face his problems head on. It is also used to provide a platform for the sufferer to get beyond his anxiety and control his or her own reactions. The trauma therapist is often a psychiatrist experienced in treating these types of disorders. Trauma therapy differs from psychotherapy in that trauma therapy deals with the biological, emotional, social and neurological aspects of trauma as a result of an acute physical or emotional experience.Visit Trauma Therapy San Diego for more details.

Trauma is described as the sudden or continuing association of intense, disabling, destructive or frightening sensory information, which generates an enduring emotional, psychological and physical reaction. An important component of trauma therapy is the development of the patient’s ability to identify, describe, and differentiate the emotions generated by the event(s) leading to his or her distress and to manage and control those emotions. Trauma is the emotional and psychological reaction to an overwhelming threat or danger, often caused by another person. It can be a single event or a series of events. Some of the common traumatic experiences are accidents, violent personal assaults, natural calamities (earthquakes), wars, and disasters.

According to research, substance abuse (including alcohol abuse), is the most prevalent cause of severe physical illness and injury leading to the development of a host of serious medical conditions including cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and schizophrenia. As a matter of fact, substance abuse is the cause of more deaths than any other cause of death in the United States. A variety of therapeutic and rehabilitative techniques have been developed to address the unique needs of individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders. The unique features of trauma therapy make it uniquely qualified to meet the complex and sensitive needs of trauma victims and their families.

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