The installation of solar panels on residential and commercial properties of all sizes has been a critical step in making energy bills marginally more manageable in recent years, and every little bit helps with the increasing cost of gas and electricity! Solar panels provide a range of benefits for the average home or company and their installation has been made much more accessible for the masses by the government feed-in tariffs (FITs), but what does the process of upgrading the energy solutions actually involve? You may want to check out West Dundee Solar Panel Installation for more.

Installation of solar panels is a reasonably easy method and a procedure that a trained professional can conduct. For an average home, the installation itself takes about 2 to 3 days, whereas larger projects such as business properties and warehouses appear to take a little longer to complete, but this depends on the property size and the Solar PV product to be built.

In order to investigate what product will work for you and what framing system you will need to install the panels to your specific form of roof, professionals will first visit your house. This custom aluminum framing system (complete with steel brackets) will be mounted to your roof on installation day to provide a durable and stable position for your panels to rest.

Then, the panels are added to the bracket and frame and secured at the rear of the installation with a set of wires. To ensure that you can harness all the energy your property needs and more from the sun’s rays, a trained electrician works with the solar installers to link the solar panel cables to your household fusebox.

An inverter is mounted following their link to the fusebox inside your house. As it transforms the direct current absorbed by the solar panel into an alternating current, which can be used as a utility, a solar or PV inverter is a critical component of the entire system; any excess is then fed back into the larger national grid. These inverters last over 5 years and must be replaced to increase the performance of the solar panel. The whole process of installation is completed with a connection, which is then checked and commissioned.


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